Internet Noise v2.0

On March 28th, 2017, Congress passed a law that makes it legal for your Internet Service Providers (ISP) to track and sell your personal activity online. This means that things you search for, buy, read, and say can be collected by corporations and used against you.

Click the button below, and your browser will start passively loading random sites in browser tabs. Leave it running to fill their databases with noise. Just quit your browser when you're done. If you would like to alter the noise that is generated, please feel free to customize the provided options before clicking the button.

Select a category of searches for the generated search traffic:

Choose how many tabs you would like to load:

Set a minimum and maximum amount of time (in seconds) each tab should pause before performing another search:

Min:   Max:

This version is built upon (and inspired by) code originally written by the author of the Internet Noise project. All credit should GOTO him.

IMPORTANT: This button will make some noise as a form of digital protest. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU SAFE.

Advertisers don't give you what you want. They manipulate you into wanting what they have.

If you are genuinely interested in thwarting the tracking efforts of your ISP and advertisers you should:

  1. (15 seconds) Add HTTPS Everywhere to ensure your web activities are encrypted as often as possible.
  2. (15 seconds) Add Privacy Badger to block spies and hidden trackers from sites you visit.
  3. (60 seconds) Donate to the EFF.
  4. (10 minutes) Learn about Tor.
  5. (20 minutes) Consider using a VPN.