Recent Posts

June Adjustments

Updated the link to the r/Piracy Guide to Windows 10 LTSC 2019 to an archived version since Reddit can't stop itself from being shit and deleting what little worthwhile content exists on it. Also added RandomNoise.US to both the 'Allies' page and to the site's scripts.

Internet Noise v2.0

Added my own implementation of the original Internet Noise to the 'Projects' page. Please check it out!

V-Day Update

Two passion-filled resources – one for hardening Linux and the other for hardening Firefox – join the 'Allies' page. Very romantic stuff.

Happy 2019

With the first site update of 2019, I've added a few new resources to the 'Allies' page.

GOD is Dead

I was saddened to learn of the recent closure of Good Old Downloads. Apparently the owner shut it down due to conflict and drama with rival site IGGGAMES. Regardless of the cause – and regardless of your stance on video game piracy – Good Old Downloads was a paragon among piracy sites, offering its wares using an intuitive layout without the usual ads, obnoxious pop-ups, or sketchy download hosts. Another instance of the good dying young.

Hello, World!

Hi. Welcome to my site's blog. Here I plan to post any noteworthy news concerning the site, along with random musings of my own. Feel free to follow along or to ignore this completely.